Ruby Flipper – Disco Duck

TOTP, 23 September 1976: Ruby Flipper dance to Disco Duck by Rick Dees And His Cast Of Idiots.

Silly, very silly, but fun. Floid’s pantomime duck outfit looks to be from the back of dusty cupboard in the BBC wardrobe department. Clearly not designed to be worn on a podium, we get to see just a little to much of the strapping-in undercarraige mechanism of the outfit.

Meanwhile the girls (and Floid, when he’s not in panto mode) are wearing the same charming outfits that they wore for “You Should be Dancing” a few months before.

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Legs & Co. – Best of My Love

TOTP, 22 September 1977: Legs & Co. dance to Best of My Love by The Emotions.

From the old blog, Saturday, 5 February 2011:

Another gem from PattiforPM: many thanks. Legs & Co. dance to the Emotions’ Best of My Love.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠


Some Guy said…

Well done princess Lulu. 200 up on this blog. Thank you.

6 February 2011 00:55

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Legs & Co. – (You Make me Feel) Mighty Real

To of the Pops, 21 September 1978:
Legs & Co. dance to (You Make me Feel) Mighty Real by Sylvester.
Featuring a guest appearance from Floid.

from the old blog, Monday, 16 September 2013:

One of my favourite Legs & Co. performances, last week’s BBC4 Top of the Pops repeat has given me the excuse to post this higher quality version. Legs & Co. Dancing to Sylvester’s disco classic (You Make me Feel) Mighty Real. With a guest appearance from former Ruby Flipper dancer Floyd, this is a great performance, full of gusto.

In the days before the rise of the music video, when even promotional films were rare, Legs & Co (and their predecessors) were often called upon to dance to disco, soul and funk records, whose American originators were not available to perform, in the flesh or on screen. Since these records were almost always made with dancing in mind the combination, as here, was often fortuitous.

Also from the old blog, Sunday, 31 August 2008:


PattiforPM said…

Great routine and definite contender for “Best outfits ever worn by a TOTP dance troupe” in my opinion.
30 April 2011 15:08

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Legs & Co. – Don’t Bring Me Down

Top of the Pops 20 September 1979
Legs & Co. dance to Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO.

Like the Fantasy routine eighteen month previously, this performance is part of the Great British Tradition of Scaffolding in TV Pop. But unfortunately, these performances are obscured by wide horizontal metal strips in front of the dancers, framing perspex sheets. Why? Was somebody tightening up on Health & Safety at the BBC? Shame.

Thanks to Andeebee for the dailymotion post.

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Pan’s People – Nutbush City Limits

Top of the Pops 20 September 1973: Pan’s People dance to Ike & Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits

Thanks to for this YouTube clip.

A fine flamboyant hair-shaking hip-swiviling perfomance to one of the classic pop songs about the frustrations of parochial life in a small town, from Nutbush Tennessee‘s most famous child, Annie Mae Bullock.

This routine was posted on the old blog, but no cached version of the comments have survived, unfortunately.

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Legs & Co. – You’ll Never Know

Top of the Pops, 17 September 1981: Legs & Co. dance to You’ll Never Know by Hi Gloss.

Pretty much the last proper Legs & Co. routine >sniff<. After this, it was all mixing-with the audience stuff …and the Birdy Song. Still a great routine, lovely outfits: and for once, the dry ice stayed under control.

From the old blog, Sunday, 7 February 2010

Legs & Co. on TOTP, dancing to You’ll Never Know in blue-sequined, off-the-shoulder slinky frocks. Mmmm… Introduced by Steve “Posse in the afternoon know who’s the big man” Wright.


74benja81 said…
Sad times ahead here in september 1981.The following month after this cracking song by Hi Gloss, it was Legs and Co’s last appearance on Top Of The Pops:-(…I really like the dance routine by Legs to this track,and the shiny sequin dresses look classy on them.The only hiccup is the set,its a bit smokey and overgrown with long props dangling downwards.Never mind,I think this dance routine and set would have been a better choice to end Legs and Co on,than behind haircut 100’s Favourite Shirts dance clip.Legs and Co deserved better than that.A shame on the BBC for such loyalty for some great years.Never mind,this is a nice post all the same. Benja 🙂
14 December 2011 21:43

I’ve really got no idea what my cheeky comment about Steve Wright back then was all about. Presumably it was typed quickly and mangled by autocorrect.

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Pan’s People – Tap Turns On The Water

Top of the Pops, 16 September 1971:
Pan’s People dance to Tap Turns On The Water by CCS.

I had posted a version of this rare Pan’s People treat on the old blog: but as many people remarked, there were audio/video synching problems with it. Soon I was sent this properly synched version from a different source.

Pan’s People are dancing in a grand victorian palace of industry, which I thought at first was Battersea Power Station (being the ignorant provincial I am): but “OB” (aka Albert Trinker) soon put me right:

Turns out they’re in the Kempton Park pumping station. You can see the huge Engine No. 6 that they’re dancing on/in front of here.

Steam power and PP! Ticks so many boxes! 🙂

OB (aka Albert!)

I’m grateful to the generous donor who sent this clip, but I can’t remember if they had asked to remain anonymous or not. Please get in touch if you want to by credited by name.

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Legs & Co. – Down Deep Inside

Top of the Pops, 15 September 1977: Legs & Co. dance to the theme from the move “The Deep”: Donna Summer’s Down Deep Inside.

Wot no Sue?

A small scale routine here: minimal sets, minimal outfits, simple but effective choreography. Not to be confused with other theme tunes to films about sharks, or other Donna Summer records.

Thanks to PattiforPM for supplying the clip.

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Legs & Co. – Kiss you All Over

Top of the Pops, 14 September 1978: Legs & Co. dance to Exile’s Kiss You All Over.

Thanks to SuPaLu for the YouTube post.

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Legs & Co. – Strut Your Funky Stuff

Top of the Pops, 13 September 1979:
Legs & Co. dance to Frantique’s Strut Your Funky Stuff.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 16 February 2011

DLT introduces Legs & Co. dancing to Frantique’s Strut Your Funky Stuff.

Thanks to PattiforPM, who sent in this clip.


PattiforPM said…

I really love Lulu in this routine. She is so obviously enjoying herself and the song suits the Troupe to a tee

18 February 2011 02:50

Suefan said…

Love Lulu’s big hair.

18 February 2011 12:26

jez said…

i love lulu in all the routines thanks for the posting of this routine

18 February 2011 13:14

I went a bit over the top in the second posting. From the old blog, Tuesday, 30 September 2014:

Some of the more outré interpretations of quantum mechanics posit the existence of countless universes parallel to our own, each spawned whenever any decision forces the uncertainness of a quantum system to collapse into mundane reality. Let’s imagine one of those worlds: a yewtree-less world, where deejays are all pillars of society. Look, I can open a portal to that other world, on one Thursday night around now, around 7.45 pm. What’s on BBC4?

It’s Legs & Co., dancing to Frantique’s “Strut Your Funky Stuff” on Top of the Pops. From 13 September 1979.

There’s nothing earth-shaking here: just a lot of fine dancing to a great example of a disco record from the period. Such a shame we must be denied it in our wretched universe.


Some Guy said…

In fact YMG, id say your previous posting from 16th Feb 2011 is by far the best visual clip of this on the net.

2 October 2014 20:35

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