Legs & Co – Way Down

The death of Elvis Presley, on the 16 August 1977, predictably sent his latest single, Way Down to the top of the charts. This caused something of a headache for the TOTP producers. In those by-and-large pre-pop-video days, a promotional film for a record was unusual, even for a big star like Elvis: and none was available for this one. An expensive standards-conversion from a US TV appearance? No chance of that either.

And since the rule was “The Number One Single Must Be Played”, they had no choice but to have Legs & Co. dance to it no less then 4 times (with two repeats).

Version 1: 25 August 1977 (partially repeated 22 September)

Elvis t-shirt outfits designed for this song. The celebratory 700th episode.

Version 2: 01 September 1977

They also wore these outfits to dance to David Soul’s Silver Lady, on that same TOTP episode.

Version 3: 8 September 1977, repeated 29 September

These seem to be the outfits the wore for the now-wiped Oxygene routine (Jean Michel Jarre) on that 8 September show.

Version 4: 15 September 1977

Wearing the outfits from the Roadrunner routine (Jonathan Richman) on 28 July.

Thanks to Andeebee for all the youtube posts.

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Legs & Co – Brown Girl in The Ring

Top of The Pops 24 August 1978: Legs & Co dance to Boney M’s Brown Girl in The Ring

Featuring audience participation from some rather sheepish blokes.

Thanks to Andeebee for the Dailymotion post.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Here’s another contribution from PattiforPM: Legs & Co. dancing to Brown Girl In the Ring. Many thanks.


Young Mister Grace said:

Yup, definitely Jilted John.
28 December 2010 09:45

PattiforPM said:

I’m not sure about Jilted John Ryan but all these guys except the gentleman of colour should be jilted! How could you stand next to Patti and not at least sway a bit?
28 December 2010 03:47

Some Guy said:

Great stuff from Pattiforpm. Absolutly love the unenthusistic audience members who were forced to join in. Was the dorky guy Jilted John ?
27 December 2010 23:07

I should clarify: Lulu was dancing with “Gordon the Moron” from Jilted John’s gang. Jilted himself, always in character, was looking on helplessly, too worried to join in.

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Legs & Co. – Just When I Needed You Most

Top of the Pops, 23/08/1979:
Legs & Co. dance to “Just When I Needed You Most” by Randy Vanwarmer.

The choreography is aptly creative, with some nice prop business featuring the suitcases: and the performance is good. But… Maybe I’m just being immature, but the whole melancholy feel seems completely undermined by the frankly ludicrous name of the weedy singer. I mean “Frisky Lorryheater”? “Amourous Truckoven”? “Lecherous Jalopyfurnace”? “Lacivious Wagonstove”?

Thanks to Lee Nichols for the YouTube post.

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Pan’s people – I’m Doin’ Fine Now

Top of the Pops 17 August 1973: Pan’s People dance to “I’m Doin’ Fine Now” by New York City

Hooray for another new-to-this-site performance. Thanks to another generous, anonymous donor, here’s a very rare TOTP performance from Pan’s People.

Those posh white frocks are pretty fabulous examples of early seventies clobber: but they just won’t stay still long enough for me to make out any detail of the black geometric motif on the front.

I’m certainly no footwear fashion pundit, but I don’t think those strappy, cloggy platform sandals they’re wearing would look out of place today.

Some groovy video overlay effects here. BBC technicians seemed happy to play around with chroma key effects in the early seventies. Compare these free-flowling, fun effects to the static, motionless work for Legs & Co’s. Ma Baker (1977) and Just Can’t Give You Up (1980).

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Legs & Co. – Bankrobber

Top of the Pops, 21 August 1980: Legs & Co dance to Bankrobber by The Clash.

It’s silly literal choreography time again, as Legs & Co. dress up as bank robbers for this routine, complete with guns (edible), demand notes (of the collage kidnapper sort), money bags with “SWAG” written on them, and stripey erm…not jumpers: maillots? leotards?

A nice choreographic touch: the barred screens in front of them serve as both prison bars and bank tellers’ security grills.

Update: Better quality BBC4 repeat version added.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Here’s a surprisingly camp Steve Wright, introducing Legs & Co., who dance behind bars to The Clash’s Bank Robber. This routine often comes up whenever anyone complains about over-literal choreography, but it’s not that bad. I don’t see any domino masks, for instance…

Thanks to PattiforPM for another clip, in response to Jef’s request.

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Legs & Co. – A Rainy Night In Georgia

Top Of The Pops, 20 August 1981:
Legs & Co. dance to A Rainy Night In Georgia by Randy Crawford.

A lovely atmospheric performance to a great song from Randy Crawford, whose voice could, midas-like, turn any song to gold. Featuring Anita prominently. Each time I post a performance featuring Anita I’m more and more impressed by her abilities as a dancer.

Thanks to PansRubyLegs for the clip.

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Ruby Flipper – Let ‘Em In

Top of the Pops, 19 August 1976: Ruby Flipper dance to Let ‘Em In by Wings

I think I prefer this performance to the more restrained Legs & Co. version from that year’s Christmas Special.

Thanks to panspeople.com for the youtube post.

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Legs & Co. – Supernature

Top of the Pops, 17 August 1978: Legs & Co. dance to Supernature by Cerrone.

Thanks to Lee Nichols for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Friday, 26 November 2010:

Here’s another contribution from lulupatti&sue: Legs & Co. dancing to Cerrone’s Supernature. Starting out as lab technician dolls, they transform into Hollywood Cavegirls, with those rawhide & fur bikinis that all stone age women must have worn.

I’ve always associated this tune with Hot Gossip, since it was used so much on Kenny Everett’s original Video Show; this performance is new to me. So thanks, lulupatti&sue.


Russ said…

I must register my disappointment, I suspect shared by “Private” Peacock, at the transformation from respectable well-dressed bespectacled scientists into unnecessarily hot,cavorting semi-naked Raquel Welch lookalikes: but here’s hoping lulupatti&sue keeps posting!
26 November 2010 21:40

Some Guy said…

Not seen this one before,lulupatti&sue,you`ve obviously got some pretty decent stuff there. Keep up with your good work. This was sexier than hot gossip.
27 November 2010 21:12

From the old blog, Thursday, 26 May 2011:

I posted a clip of Legs & Co. dancing to Cerrone’s Supernature on Top of the Pops a while ago: but Amy has kindly sent me a new, much higher quality: here it is: with rosy-cheeked scientists, fur-bikini cavegirls, and Rosie’s giant banana. Thanks Amy!

Connoisseurs of terrible jokes, so cruelly deprived of Tony Blackburn’s “wit” in my recent Pan’s People post, will enjoy Noel Edmund’s gag in his introduction. Everyone else: beware!

Download from Rapidshare (20.8 MB)


Suefan said…

Thanks Amy. Now this is the sort of stuff I Wish for, although at only two and a half minutes I could have done with a little More More More.
And who else would Flick pick. From Benghazi to Eden there could only be one Eve!
26 May 2011 09:37

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Pan’s People – You Make Me Feel Brand New

Top of the Pops 15th August 1974: Pan’s People dance to You Make Me Feel Brand New by¬†The¬†Stylistics.

From a show specially presented by The Osmonds. Pan’s People are so stunning in these lovely backless frocks, it’s hardly surprising that they even tempt goody two-shoes Donnie into impure thoughts.

A tip of the hat to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

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Legs & Co. – All Over The World

Top of the Pops, 14 August 1980:
Legs & Co. dance to All Over The World by The Electric Light orchestra (ELO).

From the old blog, Wednesday, 9 March 2011:

Here’s an international routine Legs & Co. dancing to ELO’s All Over The World in costumes representing various countries.


Suefan said…

Who was that twit they found to introduce the girls. What a w*****. Some great costumes. That Swiss miss is a real hit.

9 MARCH 2011 16:35

Some Guy said…

Not a fan of Mr Daltrey then Suefan. Superb routine this, Yes i agree with the previous comment the swiss miss is so sexy in this clip, well like most clips actually.
Such a shame there isnt a better quality version of this,we could then appreciate the girls even more.

9 MARCH 2011 17:06

jez said…

when i first saw this routine in 1980 on totp i remember thinking to myself that was a good routine legs did tonite 31 years later and my thoughts are still the same

9 MARCH 2011 19:48

PattiforPM said…

The Girls look great but I long for a closer and clearer look at them in this routine as the outfits are great and the dance looks like great fun. I agree SueFan, Daltrey is a far better singer than presenter too

9 MARCH 2011 23:45

Update 7 July 2015: PattiforPM’s wishes are fulfilled, as we now have a much clear version of this clip, taken from a recent BBC4 Top of the Pops repeat. Thanks to Lee Nichols for the YouTube post.

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