Legs & Co. – Come On Dance Dance

Top of the Pops, 20/07/1978: Legs & Co. dance to Come On Dance Dance by the Saturday Night Band.

Thanks to PansRubyLegs for the YouTube post.

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Legs & Co. – Bad Girls

Top of the Pops 1979: Legs & Co. dance to Bad Girls by Donna Summer.

Let’s just not bother sniggering at the wobbly lamp posts here, shall we? It’s a quickly knocked-up set on a TV pop show, not a big budget hollywood thriller, after all.

Donna Summer provided a lot of good material that brought out the best in Flick’s choreography, and this one, with the clever incorporation of split-skirt high kicks around the street lights, and Gill’s cute little live dog, is no exception.

Bad Girls: good dancers: great routine.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 9 July 2014:

Here’s another recent BBC4 rebroadcast routine, which allows us to upgrade from the grainy UK Gold VHS version we had to make do with previously. Yay.

Legs & Co. dance to a Donna Summer song which must be about those sorts of girls who drop litter, leave the top off the toothpaste, and don’t rewind their VHS tapes before returning them to the video-hire shop. Or that’s what I infer from the title, “Bad Girls”.

Why these girls are so wicked that they can make a lamp-post shake just by dancing beside it: now that’s impressive.

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Pans People – Barbados

Top of the Pops, 24 July 1975:
Pans People dance to “Barbados” by Typically Tropical.

A surprise Summer number one for Typically Tropical: and here they are on Top of the Pops. The producers have decide to mix in some clips from Pan’s People’s performance to the song on the previous week’s episode. And a good thing too, since that 17 July 1975 episode has since been wiped, and these fragments are all that remain: in the BBC’s archive, anyway.

So we should be grateful, I suppose. And yet…

It’s very nice to see Pan’s People in their smart stewardess uniforms: it’s even nicer to see them in their bikinis. But what happens in between? How do they get from one to the other? Tragically, we’ll never know. So we’ll just have to use our imaginations, I suppose.

How intriguing: how frustrating.

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Legs & Co. – Easy

Top of the Pops,14th July 1977:
Legs & Co. dance to Easy by the Commodores.

Thanks to youtube poster ASmK.

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Legs & Co. – Use Ta Be My Girl

Top of the Pops 1978: Legs & Co. dance to Use Ta Be My Girl by the O’Jays.

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Legs & Co. – Razzamatazz

Top of the Pops, Thursday 2nd July 1981: Legs & Co. dance to Razzamatazz by Quincy Jones.

TOTP must have been on an economy drive of some sort, back in the summer of 1981. At any rate, some particularly parsimonious person must have noticed that the special gold lamé fabric being ordered for Legs & Co.’s outfits was prohibitively expensive, especially when compared to the lesser cost of the fake tan they would also be wearing. So by slashing the wardrobe budget, and making a modest increase in the make-up department’s budget, they must have saved… oh a couple of pounds, easily.

And I’m sure on that Thursday night, dads up and down the country appreciated such a wise display of economical thinking.

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Sad News: Ruth Pearson has died

Pan’s People star Ruth Pearson has died at the age of 70.

Ruth Pearson
Ruth Pearson, a founding member of Pan’s People, has died at the age of 70.
Ruth died on Tuesday morning following a battle with cancer.



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Pan’s People – The Hustle

Top of the Pops 26 June 1975: Pan’s People dance to The Hustle by Van McCoy

Here’s a classic routine that I’ve been seeking out for years: Pan’s People dance to the instrumental (well, with occasional choral shouts) that was absolutely The Sound of the summer of 1975: Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony’s “The Hustle”.

Many thanks to the anonymous contributor who sent me this marvellous performance.

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Ruby Flipper – The Flasher

Top opt the Pops, 24 June 1976: Ruby Flipper dance to The Flasher by Mistura.

Thanks to panspeople.com for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Thursday, 28 October 2010:

Am I a square? I’ve certainly never heard of The Flasher or Mistura, whether they’re featuring Lloyd Michels or not. I hear it’s an old Northern Soul Favourite. Anyway, here’s Cherry in the cutest Grass skirt, Patti in a posh frock and tiara, and Sue channelling the spirit of Shirley Temple: along with the usual Ruby Flipper blokes.

Sorry lads: of course I regard your dancing skills with the utmost respect, but that respect is drowned out by the howling gale of envy: my own envy, and the mountain of aggregate envy from every teenage boy in Britain in the summer of 1976. Peace.


Carl said…

A routine with some eclectic costumes and the Ruby Flipper routine with the most lifts. Gavin and Phil seem to manage fine but Floyd is straining a little near the end, lifting Sue.
An instrumental long consigned to obscurity but a decent enough tune.
20 January 2011 19:21

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Ruby Flipper – Misty Blue

Top of the Pops, 24 June 1976: Cherry Gillespie of Ruby Flipper dances to Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore.

Thanks to SuPaLu for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 3 November 2010

For Cherry lovers only: Here’s Cherry dancing to Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore.
Yet another clip from PattiforPM. Thanks as always.


legatus hedlius said…

She was my favourite!
What an utterly gorgeous creature!
27 November 2010 12:58

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