Pans People – Barbados

Top of the Pops, 24 July 1975:
Pans People dance to “Barbados” by Typically Tropical.

A surprise Summer number one for Typically Tropical: and here they are on Top of the Pops. The producers have decide to mix in some clips from Pan’s People’s performance to the song on the previous week’s episode. And a good thing too, since that 17 July 1975 episode has since been wiped, and these fragments are all that remain: in the BBC’s archive, anyway.

So we should be grateful, I suppose. And yet…

It’s very nice to see Pan’s People in their smart stewardess uniforms: it’s even nicer to see them in their bikinis. But what happens in between? How do they get from one to the other? Tragically, we’ll never know. So we’ll just have to use our imaginations, I suppose.

How intriguing: how frustrating.

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  1. Wayne
    Posted January 25, 2016 at 2:38 am | Permalink

    I don’t have to use my imagination, the memory still works, a memory seared into my consciousness as a 15 year old boy, the girls danced a bit in their stewardess uniforms, the type that were Pan-Ams with the hats and the tight fitting two piece down to the knee, they were blue with white gloves, the gloves came off one at a time suggestively, then the camera panned to the first girl, just her torso and she unbuttoned the top button, then the camera panned to the next girl, she unbuttoned the next button down and so on until the fifth girl unbuttoned the final button and off came the top. Unbelievable. Th skirt went shortly after and five million boys and ten million dads went dizzy.

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