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Legs & Co. – Take it to the Top

Top of the Pops, 18 June 1981: Legs & Co dance to Kool & the Gang’s Take It To The Top.

Thanks to ASmK for the YouTube post.

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Legs & Co. – One Day In Your Life

Two performances from Legs & Co., dancing to Michael Kackson’s One Day In Your Life.

version 1: 4 June 1981 (repeated 2 July)

Version 2: 25 June 1981

Help ma boab. Both of these performances were repeated, but I’m guessing the dates by the presenters mentioned in Popscene’s listings. I’m sure some knowledgable forum members will correct me if I’ve got it wrong.

Thanks to Lee Nichols for this youtube posting.

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Legs & Co. – Ain’t No Stopping (Enigma)

Top Of The Pops 28th May 1981:
Legs & Co. dance to Ain’t No Stopping by Enigma.

Not to be confused with Ain’t No Stopping Us Now by McFadden & Whitehead, this is, of course one of those Frankenstein disco medley records that clogged up the pop charts back in the early eighties.

But of course the main significance of this performance is the induction of Anita Chellamah into the Legs & Co. family.

According to YMG’s Laws of TV Choreography, if a dance group appears at the start of a routine wearing capes, those capes will be discard within the first half of the routine to reveal skimpy outfits underneath.

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Legs & Co. – Shut Up

Top of the Pops, 8 October 1981:
Legs & Co. dance while Madness perform Shut Up.

It’s October ’81, and the writing is on the wall for Legs & Co.’s TOTP career. Once again they’re reduced to sharing the badk of the stage with the audience, while we have difficulty hearing the music (yes the music, that thing that the whole show is meant to be about) because the producer insists on dubbing fake party noises over the top.

But… But… At least they get a proper choreographed routine to perform: at least they get nice flattering Police-Women-in-Tights outfits to wear: at least they’re not scattered amongst the audience, but remain together as a recognisable entity. Maybe I’m clutching at straws, but this still remains an enjoyable clip to watch, and not just because Madness are such entertaining chaps.

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Legs & Co. – Back to The Sixties Part 2

TOTP 8 October 1981: Legs & Co dancing to Back to The Sixties Part 2 by Tight Fit

From the old blog, Tuesday, 26 April 2011:

Here’s another clip from late in Legs & Co’s TOTP period: leading the audience dancing, while whichever out-of-work actors Tight Fit’s producers had hired that week mime to Back to The Sixties (part 2 I believe).


Suefan said…

As we approach the nadir at least we get to see something, not much but something, of the girls in this one but surely those red and white outfits deserved closer inspection. As to the bunch of freaks on the stage, nuff said, although I would have liked to pinch that pink jacket. I’m sure it would have looked good with my yellow trousers and blue cravat…no?

26 April 2011 08:24

Some Guy said…

Just when i thought 81 coudnt get any worse,this one crops up. Legs & Co really should be on the centre stage here, replacing these miming buffoons.

26 April 2011 17:04

PattiforPM said…

Yes one has to ask why did we need this “band” at all? Surely our dancers would have represented this “song” so much better without the amateurs hogging the stage.

27 April 2011 04:11

jez said…

its better than nothing

28 April 2011 20:27

Some Guy said…

sometimes nothing is better.

28 April 2011 21:38

jez said…

might have known you would have to have the last word lol

29 April 2011 21:06

Colm said…

To think this is the last time we see Legs and Co as a sextet on TOTP…

23 May 2012 23:39

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Legs & Co. – You’ll Never Know

Top of the Pops, 17 September 1981: Legs & Co. dance to You’ll Never Know by Hi Gloss.

Pretty much the last proper Legs & Co. routine >sniff<. After this, it was all mixing-with the audience stuff …and the Birdy Song. Still a great routine, lovely outfits: and for once, the dry ice stayed under control.

From the old blog, Sunday, 7 February 2010

Legs & Co. on TOTP, dancing to You’ll Never Know in blue-sequined, off-the-shoulder slinky frocks. Mmmm… Introduced by Steve “Posse in the afternoon know who’s the big man” Wright.


74benja81 said…
Sad times ahead here in september 1981.The following month after this cracking song by Hi Gloss, it was Legs and Co’s last appearance on Top Of The Pops:-(…I really like the dance routine by Legs to this track,and the shiny sequin dresses look classy on them.The only hiccup is the set,its a bit smokey and overgrown with long props dangling downwards.Never mind,I think this dance routine and set would have been a better choice to end Legs and Co on,than behind haircut 100’s Favourite Shirts dance clip.Legs and Co deserved better than that.A shame on the BBC for such loyalty for some great years.Never mind,this is a nice post all the same. Benja 🙂
14 December 2011 21:43

I’ve really got no idea what my cheeky comment about Steve Wright back then was all about. Presumably it was typed quickly and mangled by autocorrect.

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Legs & Co. – Hands Up

Top of the Pops, 10 September 1981:
Legs & Co. dance to “Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)” by Ottowan

From the old blog, Sunday, 16 January 2011

Since I’ve sworn not to pick and choose favourite dancers, and to remain impartial, I try to avoid discussing individuals: so I’ll only say that I don’t think Rosie suits her hair up at all, but Lulu does.

…and I was very impressed with Lulu’s mighty jump-kick at 1:03.

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Legs & Co. – As the time goes by

Top of the Pops, 3 September 1981:
Legs & Co. dance, as Funkapolitan perform As the time goes by.

A bunch of Limey funk pastiche merchants: with Legs & Co., in the gold, silver & bronze outfits they wore for Slow Hand in that same TOTP episode, working hard in the audience.

Thanks to neofunkyman1 for the youtube post.

From the old blog, Saturday, 16 April 2011:

Legs & Co. – As the Time Goes By
Let’s go back to 1981. Foppish white boys with floppy fringes were playing funky guitars in various post-punk bands, like Funkapolitan here. And Legs & Co. were increasingly being relegated to background dance-leaders on Top of the Pops.


Some Guy said…

The ultimate degradation being backing dancers to these spotty herberts, just soul destroying to watch. Sorry, i just can’t hack this late stuff. Dont wish to put a downer on things folks.
16 April 2011 08:49

Suefan said…

At least we have “Slow Hands” from the same show which is a good routine. A fast fist to the chops for the producer for this though. To think I thought some of the acts on the 1976 repeats were dross. Pure gold compared to thes clots.
17 April 2011 08:21

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Legs & Co. – Slow Hand

Top of the Pops 3 September 1981:
Legs & Co. dancing to the Pointer Sisters’ Slow Hand.

A rare routine from 1981, the Götterdämmerung of Legs & Co. (Beineundgesellschaftdämmerung perhaps?) Nice shiny outfits, and a dance routine doing its best with a fairly pedestrian number.

The silly hats in evidence amongst the audience are a tale-tale sign of the “party atmosphere” tidal wave that’s about to engulf TOTP. Sigh.

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Legs & Co. – Everybody Salsa

Top of the Pops, 3rd September 1981: Legs & co dance to Everybody Salsa by Modern Romance.

From the old blog, Thursday, 29 March 2012:

Many thanks to Bucksby, who sent me this clip from Top of the Pops, 3rd September 1981. At this late stage on their TOTP career, Legs & Co. were all to often relegated to the background, as they are here. But at least we get a few seconds of Gill and Lulu (and even a little Sue) at the beginning of the clip, with Peter Powell.


PattiforPM said…

Thanks Bucksby and YMG for this. Once again lovely costumes and enthusiastic dancing but a mere bagatelle of camera shots awarded to our fine troupe.

30 March 2012 04:48

Suefan said…

What a fine way to open the show with Gill, Sue and Lulu all in shot. Thanks for this excellent copy Bucksby.

30 March 2012 20:09

Some Guy said…

Yeah, cheers for this one Bucksby, much appreciated. Lovely clear vid in terms of visual quality and its sure nice to see the smiles on Sue and the other girls faces in this.

30 March 2012 22:08

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