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Pan’s People – Joy to the World

Top of the Pops, 17 June 1971:
Pan’s People dance to Joy to the World by Three Dog Night.

Thanks to thegoldenhits for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 2 September 2009:

My very first post on this blog was a version of this clip: now, thanks to EinsFestival, here’s a clearer version. Pan’s People dance to Three Dog Night’s Joy to the World.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Saville names this blog.

EinsFestival verdient unsere Dankbarkeit.

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Pan’s People – Summer Breeze

Top of the Pops 6 June 1974: Pan’s People dance to the Isley Brothers’ Summer Breeze.

Last year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this, Sue Menhenick’s debut performance as a member of Pan’s People, forum member Pans Legs sent me this rare clip.

Sue has discussed her memories of that day over on our forum:

It was a fantastic experience for a very young and naive 18-year-old dancer who was so terrified and nervous that she was going to muck up, make a huge mistake and fall flat on her face! With the amazing support and back up from the other girls, Flick and also Louise who was so kind to me as I started to try and fill her shoes, I managed to get through that first show. I remember that day very clearly, and will always be grateful to them for helping me.

My thanks again to the generous Pans Legs for this contribution.

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Pan’s People – Walking the the Rain

Update: broken video clip replaced.

Top of the Pops 1st June 1973:
Pan’s People dance to The partridge Family’s Walking the the Rain.

Classic video – mixing rain effects here, and classic literal choreography (which the song demands, really). Those puff sleeves must be the kind Anne of Green Gables wanted:

“They're—they're not—pretty,” said Anne “Oh, I AM grateful,” protested Anne. “But I'd be ever so much gratefuller if—if you'd made just one of them with puffed sleeves. Puffed sleeves are so fashionable now. It would give me such a thrill, Marilla, just to wear a dress with puffed sleeves.”

Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables (1908)

While this Partridge Family record (featuring David Cassidy on vocal) is perfectly serviceable, it’s not a patch on the Ronnettes original, produced by Phil Spector.

From the old blog, Thursday, 10 March 2011:


jez said…

classic routine here from pans good song as well ,i loved all pans people routines from 1973 onwards , after the your so vain routine from jan that year thats when flicks choregraphy became more literall.wish you could all see the tie a yellow ribbon routine classic literall interpretation

11 March 2011 18:43

PattiforPM said…

Thanks YMG, very enjoyable showcasing the sweet and innocent side of Pans. David Cassidy wasn’t a fave of mine but the girls did a good job on this one

11 March 2011 22:24

jez said…

this clip was dubbed over on you tube to the neil sedaka song laughter in the rain ,this is the original clip with the original song it was choreographed to

15 March 2011 16:26

David Austin said…

Horrified to realise that I remember this!!! I think (though I’m not sure) that this was during a brief period when Top Of The Pops was shifted from Thursdays to Fridays (I think it either followed or preceded Star Trek).

24 January 2012 16:36

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Pan’s People – Running Away

27 April 1972: Pan’s People dance to Running Away by Sly and the Family Stone

Thanks to ASmK for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Saturday, 23 April 2011:

Here’s a vintage filmed-on-location routine, from Pan’s People, dancing to Sly & the Family Stone’s Running Away. They’re having fun in a deserted department store: it’s a bit like “Dawn of The Dead” without the zombies.

Thanks to new contributor Katy Miss Queenie for sending a clip of this routine.


Suefan said…

Good stuff Katy, many thanks. Always great to see Andi.
23 April 2011 08:36

jez said…

Many thanks Katy for uploading this clip.
23 April 2011 13:41

PattiforPM said…

Really nice to see a Pans routine out of the studio. Not Sly’s best effort though. Thanks Katy for sharing this.
23 April 2011 14:10

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Pan’s People – Homely Girl

TOTP, 11 April 1974: Pan’s People dance to the Chi-lites Homely Girl.

From the old blog, Monday 26 July 2010:

I’m surprised I haven’t got around to posting this little gem of literal choreography until now. To celebrate my return to life with a third post in one day, here’s Pan’s People transforming from dungarees and marker-pen freckles (“Homely Girl”) to fur-fringed baby-doll nighties and silver slippers (“You’re a beautiful woman’). To the music of the Chi-lites.

Thanks once again to Einsfestival for the rebroadcast.

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Pan’s People – Seasons in the Sun

Top of the Pops, 28 March 1974: Pan’s People dance Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks.

Many thanks to the generous anonymous donor who sent this rare clip for the old blog last year.

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Pan’s People – Philadelphia Freedom

Top of the Pops, 13th March 1975:

Pans People dance to Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John.

Flasg waving Pans here, half honour guard, half cheerleaders.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 15 September 2009:

Pan’s People on Top of the Pops, in military-ish uniforms (I’ve never seen a soldier with a skirt that tiny) dancing and waving flags to Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom.

Introduced by Sodden Lemon (anagram), it’s another clip from German TV channel EinsFestival’s classic TOTP repeats.

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Pan’s People – Hot Love

Top of the Pops, 11 March 1971: T. Rex Perform Hot Love while Pan’s People dance on a separate stage.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 21 April 2010:

Here’s a little vintage Pan’s People from TOTP in 1971. It’s a performance by T. Rex in the studio, with Pan’s People giving more of a supporting performance than a full dance routine. Well worth watching nonetheless. Those knitted (or is it crochet?) bikini tops are just so 1971.

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Pan’s People – Temma Harbour

Top of the Pops 26 February 1970: Pan’s People dance to Mary Hopkin’s Temma Harbour.

The sixties have been over for a whole eight weeks, but you’d never guess from Mary Hopkins song of tropical idyll, nor from Pan’s People’s performance with flowery-printed fabrics.

Thanks to Andeebee for the Youtube post.

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Pan’s People – Everything’s Tuesday

Top of the Pops, 25 February 1971: Pan’s People dance to Everything’s Tuesday by Chairman of the Board.

From the old blog, Friday, 29 April 2011

Here’s another clip I found on YouTube a while ago: Pan’s People dancing to Chairman of the Board’s Everything’s Tuesday. Thanks to katy miss queenie, who sent me a copy of this routime recently.

I’m no expert on the fashion scene in 1971, so I’ve no idea if there’s a correct term for these trousers they’re wearing. Or the whole suit, even.


Some Guy said…

Sounds like the singers saying` I wanna spank her`, or is that my gutter mind playing tricks with me.
29 April 2011 14:49

jez said…

You said it mate.
29 April 2011 21:07

PattiforPM said…

Strange song, odd outfits, whole thing’s quirky and maybe this is a subcommittee and not the Chairman after all. Maybe your lyrics would be better Ryan
29 April 2011 22:58

My appeal for a definitive period name for these outfits, just so 1971 darling, has had no response, so I’ll have to have a go myself: I’d call them French Flared Culotte Suits.

Archival Fashionistas, please give me a better name as you rush to heap derision upon me.

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