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Legs & Co. – Woman In Love

Top of the Pops 16 October 1980: Legs & Co. dance to Barbara Streisand’s Woman In Love.

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Legs & Co. – Casanova

Top of The Pops October 9th 1980:
Legs & Co. dance to Casanova by Coffee.

It’s a fabulous historical mash-up, as our heroines dress like 18th century courtesans (well a bit like), and behave like 19th century can-can dancers: all that provocative wiggling; and those little squeals of delight! They seem to be having a rare old time: Lulu in particular performs with great gusto. Lovely!

From the old blog, Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Here’s another great clip from PattiforPM. Thanks! Legs & Co. dance to Coffee’s Casanova. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about these 18th century outfits tha doesn’t seem absolutely authentic. I’m probably being overly fussy, but there must be sometiny detail that doesn’t ring true. But hey, it’s Top of the Pops, not a historical drama.


Suefan said:

This is one of my favourite fun routines and I like the costumes. Was this not how ladies dressed and comported themselves then in the 18th century??
I’m also always amused at how Gill quickly dumps that basket she is saddled with at the start. All the other girls carry their impedimenta through to the end but not she, a girl of spirit. Now if it had been a hot dog, than that might have been another matter.
27 April 2011 10:17

PattiforPM said:

This playful little number is quite fun I agree. The delightful whoops and the coy but naughty deportment of the participants is very appealing.
27 April 2011 19:46

Some Guy said:

Yes this is superb stuff, one of my favourites this. Love Lulu at the one minute mark.
28 April 2011 06:52

Dug5y said:

Well, you learn something every day. I never knew that L&C were one of the first exponents of Burlesque on our screens!! Great quality clip.
28 April 2011 08:26

jez said:

thanks once again p4pm this is one routine i do not remember watching before
28 April 2011 20:26

carl said:

Hi everyone. Just joined this great site and I am viewing loads of routines that I havent seen before including this one.
17 May 2011 18:14

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Legs & Co. – Now That We Found Love

Top of The Pops, 5th October 1978:
Legs & Co. dance to “Now That We Found Love” by Third World.

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Legs & Co. – Them Heavy People

TOTP October 4th 1979: Legs & Co. dance to Kate Bush’s Them Heavy People

From the old blog, Sunday, 13 November 2011:

Here’s updated version of clip I posted long ago: this time, Kid Jensen introduces Legs & Co. dancing to Kate Bush’s Them Heavy People. So with the repeated “rolling the ball” motif, what sorts of outfits could L & C’s designers have dreamed up for this song? Cricket whites? Crown green bowling old ladies with navy blue blazers, pleated white skirts and sensible shoes? Croquet mallets and sensible tweed suits? Ten-pin-bowling fat American slob shirts with slacks and unpleasent bowling alley shoes?

Nope. None of the above. They seem to have just given up, and dressed the girls in skimpy lingerie.

Oh well *sigh* : I suppose that’ll have to do.


PattiforPM said…

A suitably off-beat routine for the wonderful Kate Bush’s music and the ladies look absolutely fine. This is one of the dances that really got me hooked.

13 November 2011 15:27

Suefan said…

Captivating, hook line and sinker. All the girls slink to fine effect but its that little solo at 1.16 that sees my bp go off the scale.
Wise move that the studio audience were kept at a safe distance from such incendiary stuff.

14 November 2011 10:39

74benja81 said…

A Classic performance by Legs and Co here. Love the Nighties! It really compliments their dancing skills, with room to move fluently. This attire is a reminder of the Night Fever dance routine they did in 77/78.Glad the audience are far back, its good to see the girls dancing in full view. Sue looks absolutely exquisite here. The funny thing is, this wonderful Kate Bush song is about finding out and discovering about ones inner self, and she writes about this perfectly. In contrast to this, Legs are dancing to this song very sexy. What a contrast,from Inner to outer. Great quality clip to see. Benja 🙂

30 December 2011 00:37

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Legs & Co. – Searching

Legs & Co. dancing to Searching by Change on Top of The Pops, Thursday 2nd October 1980.

I think I can follow the costume designer’s reasoning here.

  1. The song is called “Searching”
  2. There was a film called “The Searchers” in 1956 (starring John Wayne)
  3. “The Searchers” was a western
  4. So costumes should be western style shirts and cowboy boots. QED!

“The Searchers” as a western movie looms surprisingly large in the history of pop: giving a name to the sixties beat group of course, and John Wayne’s sardonic catch phrase in the film, “That’ll be the day!” inspired Buddy Holly’s song of the same name.

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Legs & Co. – The Birdie Song

Legs & Co. dance to The Birdie Song by The Tweets

Here are two separate performances by Legs & Co. dance to this classically awful catchy novelty hit, which blighted the airwaves and dance floors through the autumn of 1981.

Version 1: TOTP, 1 October 1981.

Well, if Legs & Co. are again relegated to become part of the audience, at least they haven’t been split up like misbehaving schoolgirls: and at least they’re at the front and centre of the audience, meaning they get in most shots. Lovely nautical themed summery white dresses here.

From the old blog, Sunday, 22 May 2011

I’ve already posted a clip of Legs & Co dancing to The Birdie Song, but here’s another featuring whichever out-of-work actors the Tweets record company had hired to wear the costumes that particular week.

Thanks the generous PattiforPM, who sent me this clip.


PattiforPM said…

Well here’s another contender for the worst group chosen to stand in front of a fine Dance Troupe.
23 May 2011 00:41

Suefan said…

Thanks for this one guys. The girls seem to have come dressed for tennis but I’m not complaining.
23 May 2011 08:17

Version 2: 15 October 1981.

Rather ropey picture quality here, I’m afraid. Legs & Co. without the band, but separated on podiums amongst the audience. I’m not sure about the relevance of their little maid’s aprons here.

From the old blog, TUESDAY, 22 MARCH 2011

What happens if you digitise a VHS video clip then scale it without first de-interlacing? you get ugly horizontal lines all over your video, like this:

I will be eternally greatful to anyone who can send me a better quality clip of this performance.


Dug5y said…

YMG, I also have a copy of this perfomance. The video is exactly the same quality (without the lines!!) as it has presumably originated from the same source. I’ll upload it onto the Blog tonight.
22 March 2011 08:23

Suefan said…

I think I’m right in saying that this was the last official “Legs & Co”, as announced by the Beeb, although they then gave support to a couple more shows. Unfortunately this is hardly a fitting send off. At least one little birdie was able to avoid this dreadful number but that is scant consolation.
22 March 2011 10:45

PattiforPM said…

Yes the girls do their best in this performance of a dreadful song in the middle of “Black October”
22 March 2011 11:24

As I’d already been promised a superior version of this routine, I foolishly turned down Dug5y’s generous offer. Needless to say, the promised clip never materialised. Dug5y, if you’re out there: is it too late to change my mind?

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Legs & Co. – Waiting in Vain

Top of the Pops, 29 September 1977:
Legs & Co. dance to Waiting in Vain by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

Some comments from the old blog:

74benja81 said:

Love this song from Bob back in 1978. Love the Legs and Co dance routine. The only suggestion I would make about this clip, is they would have looked better dancing to this song in Grass skirts, rather than these long summer dresses. It would have looked cracking, and been in theme with a Caribbean feel to it. Love the clip though. Benja 🙂
20 December 2011 11:59

PattiforPM said:

… I love the close ups at the end finishing with the lovely Rosie.
22 October 2011 19:29

Suefan said:

Yes indeed. A splendidly appropriate routine for the moment and skirt swishing to boot!! Great stuff. And I see Flick finally managed to find a use for all those yards of net curtain material she had left over.
21 October 2011 08:22

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Legs & Co. – Grease

Top of the Pops, 28 September 1978: Legs & Co. dance to Franki Valli’s Grease.

These slinky black off-the-shoulder outfits are clearly modelled on Olivia Newton John’s “bad-girl” makeover look from the “You’re the One That I Want” finale in the original film.

From the old blog, Saturday, 29 November 2008:

Legs & Co. on TOTP dancing to Frankie Valli’s Grease.

Clearly Lulu and Gill must have fallen into that gigantic vat of grease during rehearsals, leaving Sue, Patti, Pauline and Rosemary to perform the routine without them.


74benja81 said…

This would probably be my favourite Legs and Co dance routine next to Chic’s My Forbidden Lover clip.A classy,sexy,and funny clip rolled into one. This was the time in my life when I began noticing Legs and Co more and more.Love the sexy black outfits, which suit them all, and Sue well what can I say, who I liked way back when she was in Pans People from the start, looks absolutely amazing in this dance clip. This was when I was a big fan of her’s. Love the song and the film too, brings back great memories of summer 78. A really appreciated post! Thanks.
Benja 🙂
14 December 2011 21:09

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Legs & Co. – Another One Bites the Dust

Top of the Pops 25 September 1980 Legs & Co. dance to Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.

Legs & Co. in lacey black jumpsuits, dancing to a funky Queen number. An unusual routine hampered by the BBC technicians’ enthusiasm for then-cool video effects.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 1 March 2011:

Here’s a clip featuring Legs & Co. in lacey outfits, dancing to Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust on Top of the Pops.

Thanks again to the mysterious Bonanza for sending me this clip.


Some Guy said…

Yes thanks to Bonanza, keep em coming. A bit weird this one, nice work from Pauline, love the glove action, and a few nice shots of the goddess.

1 March 2011 21:16

PattiforPM said…

This is another creative one and I’m not sure I fully understand but I love the quick-fire filming and the outfits are admirable. Makes me think of undercover agents but I’m probably way off base (and fantasizing yet again)

2 March 2011 01:06

Suefan said…

Certainly another interesting routine and those outfits are certainly different but for some unfathomable reason it never fully works for me.

2 March 2011 13:50

jez said…

ive got to admit i really cant remember them doing this routine fist time round pheraps it was one of the rare occasions when i missed watching totp for the night, and i still can’t watch it now coz my computer won’t play the clip.

5 March 2011 13:08

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Legs & Co. – Best of My Love

TOTP, 22 September 1977: Legs & Co. dance to Best of My Love by The Emotions.

From the old blog, Saturday, 5 February 2011:

Another gem from PattiforPM: many thanks. Legs & Co. dance to the Emotions’ Best of My Love.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠


Some Guy said…

Well done princess Lulu. 200 up on this blog. Thank you.

6 February 2011 00:55

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